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 [Survie] Lame/Chaos

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Messages : 524
Date d'inscription : 08/04/2011

MessageSujet: [Survie] Lame/Chaos   Lun 30 Déc - 8:51

Voici un petit build qui peut être bien utile pour les scénarios :

Quelques explications :

Actives :

Blade Torrent - Brutal augment
A no brainer frenzy builder to proc leeching frenzy so you can stay alive. The extra threat also helps pulling the mobs off the survivors.
Chop Shop - Ferocious augment
Force-critting this PBAoE consumer deals some good damage which in turn heals you and procs Criticality several times.
Karma - Solid augment
For that extra healing and block from the augment. Also a magic attack to kill off the spectres in The Mansion.
Brandish - Robust augment
A single target ability for those lone mobs and bosses. The robust augment also adds 250 hp. I'm contemplating switching this to Dancing blades for even more damage against bosses.
Chaotic Pull - Accelerating augment
Good for pulling mobs towards you and impairing them. Also activates the Interdiction signet on my chaos focus that heals for 167 every 2 sec. for 6 sec. A nice little extra heal.
Helter Skelter - Accurate augment
Need a dash to get away from frenzied baddies, or an impair to stop the vampire from leeching? Why not both? Also the Interdiction signet.
Domino Effect - Rampant augment
Impairs and pulls mobs toward you (and heals with Interdiction signet!). Great for clumping together mobs that like to stand apart, like spectres in mansion.
Crack! - Binding signet and Whiplash passive
Column attack that makes mobs take more damage and deal less.

Passives :

Leeching Frenzy
Need to keep alive!
Elemental Force
Nice synergy with Chop Shop and Criticality.
Keep a HoT ticking to proc CIB, Thirst and Equilibrium. Alternatively use Immortal Spirit or Lick Your Wounds. I prefer Circulation for its uptime over Immortal Spirit.
Makes mobs more squishy so you can kill them quicker and heal faster.
Procs on critical hit on afflicted mobs. A chain attack that hits multiple mobs. I've parsed this to be 7% of my damage. (The sound and flash it makes is also satisfying.)
Shoot 'em Up
Enables Criticality and Circulation. I've also parsed it to be 9% of my damage. However I suspect this is killing me on the fungi boss as it counter afflicts with afflicting you with a nasty dot. I'm therefore thinking of changing it.
Cool, Calm & Collected
More damage caused when I crit and less damage received when I block, yes please!

Stats :

Health: 6036 (Two minor, augment, anima.)
Heal Rating: 664 (One major.)
Attack Rating: 3008 (Head, two major, one minor, augment)
Crit Rating: 235 (Perhaps a bit more so the signets proc more often. I've parsed Circulation to crit 16% of the time even though my crit chance is 12.1%)
Crit Power: 513 (I fear this is too high.)
Hit: 374 (0% glancing, so it's more than enough.)
Penetration: 645 (I think this is enough because scenario mobs have lower defense, hence giving diminishing returns with higher pen.)
Block: 370 + 60 from solid augment (Perhaps a bit low, but I manage to stay alive.)

Signets :

Head: Purple Laceration.
Major: Coney Island Band, Blue Violence, Blue Violence.
Minor: Purple Equilibrium, Purple Ablation, Purple Thirst.
Chaos: Purple Interdiction.
Sword: Purple Aggression.
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Messages : 524
Date d'inscription : 08/04/2011

MessageSujet: Re: [Survie] Lame/Chaos   Lun 30 Déc - 9:08

Je pencherai pour un truc ressemblant plus à ça :

Difficile de se passer de discipline martiale... et j'ai une petite préférence pour Escalation pour le builder Wink

Pour le stuff, ça me semble pas trop mal, à tester pour du NM...
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[Survie] Lame/Chaos
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